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There are statements on this site that, if untrue, are libelous. I stand by them. Should any of those concerned wish to challenge me on them, they must take me to court - otherwise the statements stand as the truth.
Stuart Hill, Sovereign without the States of Scotland or The United Kingdom.

To all persons exercising the alleged authority of
Scotland, The United Kingdom or The European Union in Shetland or Orkney:

You are hereby notified that The Crown produced no proof that Shetland is part of Scotland when required to do so at Lerwick Sheriff Court on 16 August 2011.
You are hereby notified that the court continued to exercise its alleged authority with no proof of its jurisdiction.
With this knowledge you are hereby advised that, in exercising your alleged authority, you expose yourself to the risk of personal liability against which your bond, if any, will be worthless.
This Public Notice will be founded upon in the event of any action.

Since my first court case I have been involved in cases at all levels of the Scottish system, both civil and 'criminal'. At every one I have challenged the jurisdiction of the court on the basis that Shetland is not part of Scotland. At every stage, I have found judges to be willing to break the law and ignore the legislation and their own rules in their efforts to avoid facing this issue. Even in the Supreme Court in London, the highest court in the land, the same attitude prevails. Video here.

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Extract from a letter addressed to Jan Riise, Executive Manager of Legal Services, Shetland Islands Council and received by them on 25 October 2013. I had accused the SIC of having no authority as an agent of the Scottish Executive and invited them to refute the allegation, otherwise I would be entitled to make the following presumption:
"As a result of your failure to respond I am now entitled to presume that Shetland Islands Council is operating as agent of an illegal regime. You and the entire Council are now under personal bar preventing you from denying this in future."

This action has been met with anger from some councillors and ignored by most. The fact is, that with no proof that Shetland is part of Scotland, they are acting ultra vires - without authority. This is not fantasy, it's just plain fact.

Truth, whether in or out of fashion, is the measure of knowledge. Anything else, however strongly supported, is either ignorance or intent to deceive. (Stuart Hill, paraphrasing John Locke, 1632-1704)

The purpose of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is to find a way for the people of Shetland to peacefully and honourably opt out of the fraud and corruption that has taken their rights and powers and brought them to a position where they think the nations they are ruled by actually have a solid basis for their authority. Those nations cannot demonstrate their right to rule, are unaccountable and are intent on using Shetland, its people and resources for their own purposes. If the truth were known, Shetlanders are sovereign in their own right. They are the kings and queens of Shetland and masters of their own destiny. Keep reading, everything here is backed up with fact.

This site is mainly about Shetland, but the principles apply world-wide. Membership of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is only open to people living in Shetland. If you are not in Shetland, you may like to join Forvik, which is open to anyone throughout the world, or make a donation and join as a Friend of the Sovereign Nation. If you are in Orkney and are interested in this action, We would like to hear from you.

This is a temporary site, so forgive any small glitches. If you spot any, please let me know.

As you read this, please keep an open mind. Some of what we say is difficult for many to contemplate, but everything is supported by solid evidence. Historians have led us down a path attempting to explain how Orkney and Shetland arrived at where they are today, but unfounded assumptions have had to be made and documents ignored to make the process fit the result. The whole evidence is in the forthcoming book Stolen Isles, in which is presented compelling evidence and fresh insights showing there is no basis for the overwhelming presumption that Orkney and Shetland are part of Scotland. Research has been deliberately confined to Shetland, but the main conclusions apply equally well to Orkney.

Because of Orkney and Shetland's unique history, the people find themselves in a position where they can decide for themselves what relationship they want with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, our elected representatives, while saying they want more autonomy, will not simply assert the islands' rights, but go cap in hand to those who allegedly hold the power. They have no option because they have individually either made an oath of allegiance to the Crown, or signed a declaration under Scottish legislation.

The Our Islands, Our Future campaign is just such an initiative. With the best will in the world, Orkney and Shetland, whose history shows they are not part of Scotland, have joined with the Western Isles, which indisputably are. This disparate group is asking the Scottish and UK governments for powers to be given to them merely on the basis of being islands, abandoning the assertion of ownership of those rights on a legal basis. While we have nothing against the Western Isles, this is a betrayal of Orkney and Shetland.

It is obviously not in the interests of Scotland or the UK to give Shetland any more autonomy and this campaign is doomed to achieving nothing more than superficial concessions. However, now that the Crown has shown in court that it is unable to produce any proof that Shetland is part of Scotland or the UK, the onus is on our representatives to make sure that the powers they are asking for belong to those they are asking.

In the knowledge that the Crown cannot prove that Shetland is part of Scotland and that legally it could never have happened, asking for those powers is aiding and abetting a fraud that has been going on for hundreds of years. Orkney and Shetland deserve better than this betrayal by well-meaning but misguided people on whom we should be able to rely to represent our best interests,

People often ask me how Shetland could manage without EU and UK grants and subsidies. The truth is, the boot is on the other foot. Shetland is, and always has been, a source of income for the government or the Crown. Most people would assume that Shetland, being an island group right out on the periphery, would be a net recipient of the tax/grant/subsidy merry-go-round, but not so. In 2011 the difference between what Shetland paid into the UK Treasury in taxes and what it got back in grants and subsidies was £76 million. £76 million went out of the Shetland economy, never to return; and was spent on supporting things like payments to the EU (reputedly £250 million per day from the UK), illegal wars and other UK government 'essentials'.

£76 million per year into the Shetland economy dwarfs the dubious benefits of the Viking Energy wind factory project and without any of the environmental impact of that blighted and opportunist scheme. It would cut petrol and diesel prices by 70% and make goods cheaper in our shops, as well as putting more money into peoples' pockets. There are about 10,000 households in Shetland - that's £7,600 per household per year. Does that not need explaining? What are we paying for? However, these figures, although large for Shetland, pale into insignificance when you look at the wider picture.

There need be no doubt about the UK government's motives for suppressing knowledge of Shetland's history. For the UK it is absolutely vital to maintain the myth that Shetland is part of Scotland. Ever since oil was discovered in the North Sea, the UK government has been benefitting from it. So has Shetland, but we have only been getting the crumbs - and they are pretty sparse now. Unless Shetland is part of Scotland, the UK has no right to those revenues.

The government can prove no rights to the seabed around Shetland - it's Shetland's oil and has been stolen from us all these years. Currently the UK treasury takes over £10 billion in revenue each year. That is the level at which Shetland currently supports the UK economy. It would be pointless for Shetland to keep all that money, but it gives us an awful lot of bargaining power. That bargaining position is lost immediately we start asking for powers from governments that do not have them to give.

As Shetland's right, the oil revenue should come into a Shetland bank before the greater part of it is dispersed as foreign aid to the UK, or wherever Shetland wishes. With that aid could come strings as to how it is used - not to be used for armaments for instance.

Shetland is meekly rolling over and suffering the austerity cuts imposed from outside as the result of the UK government bailing out greedy bankers. It allows its resources to be plundered and its people to live in poverty because it is too intimidated to stand up for its rights.

Shetland's history gives it a unique opportunity to make change happen. Because it can never have been legitimately incorporated into either Scotland or the United Kingdom, neither can it be subject to any decisions by those governments. Stuart Hill has spent the past two years making legal challenges to those organisations that profess to have authority in Shetland to prove their authority. They all tried to ignore the issue when faced with the prospect of proving in court that Shetland is part of Scotland.

When forced into court by his intentionally breaking the law, the Crown finally revealed that they have no proof that Shetland is part of Scotland. Hearing evidence of its jurisdiction is something any court should be able to do as a matter of routine and not something any sheriff or judge should be worried about. The reaction to such a challenge was to ignore their own legislation, throw him in police cells (three times), call him 'a stupid old man', throw him in jail and simply refuse to hear any evidence. Finally, the court was unable to enforce its sentence and he walked free - proof that it has no authority here. (See Stolen Isles) They cannot show any proof of their authority and can only continue to exert their power if we continue to consent.

This is not about sitting back and watching things happen - every individual must make their own decision and take responsibility for their own actions.

The Sovereign Nation was officially declared at a gathering of around 100 people on 21st June 2010. The declaration was read out in full at the Market Cross in Lerwick.

The aims of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland are:

  1. To provide a means by which the people of Shetland can turn their backs and disengage from the existing corrupt society.
  2. To develop a society with rules its members wish to live by.
  3. To develop a method of governance that places the power of the society in the hands of the people, providing a method of continuous control over its public servants and the money provided to them.
  4. To develop a fair monetary system and banking system if required.
  5. To develop ways of bringing out the full educational potential of our children.
  6. To ensure an equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation.
  7. To co-operate with other entities having the same or similar aims.
  8. To change the world.

This list will be expanded and changed by the members as time goes on.

To join the Sovereign Nation you sign your Declaration of Sovereignty and make a subscription to support the project. Members donate according to their own wishes. When you sign the Declaration, you will be sent a certificate of membership of the Sovereign Nation. People outside Shetland are also free to donate to the project if you would like to support these aims and can join as a Friend of the Sovereign Nation - or you can join the international community of Forvik.

As the membership develops, regular meetings will develop strategies to carry the project forward. Everything is done on a consensus basis, with everyone having an equal say.

In times past the people of Shetland were sovereign in the most complete sense and that sovereignty has been passed down to everyone who today owns a house or piece of land in Shetland*. The scariest thing for anyone pretending power here is for the people of Shetland to have that knowledge and start exerting their sovereignty. As the Sovereign Nation of Shetlands grows it will become the legitimate authority.

Stand up, the kings and queens of Shetland! Those who pretend authority here are more scared of us than we need be of them.

If you agree with these aims, but do not wish to make a full commitment, please help with a regular donation:


Thank you.

* Although people owning land are the true hereditors of those rights, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland will be taking steps to ensure that every adult falls into that category. If you are living in council-owned accommodation or private rental, do not be put off from joining.

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